Sharon Simms Moore - Disgruntled Peeps look @ own Actions

Huntington Station, New York 1 comment

I know Sharon Simms-Moore and I know her situation with this person and house personally.

This person was not honest regarding the condition of her house and she lied about many things about this property.She did not want to repair the property.

I came by a few times during this upseting situation. She was assisting me with drafting of legal papers and I am in the real estate field and I gave her some assistance. She did not minpulate the courts as a matter of fact the court did not put this woman to task on being a high class slum lord. This woman thinks Sharon won but it was Sharon Simms-Moore that was harmed.

It caused her much personal and professional harm. This woman is not out any monies because she had to fix her property which she will probably sell to the next sucker. She helped me with getting my legal papers done and gave me a network of support people. I have referred her to others and they have been very very happy.

I am sure that the reason she is having any problems now is due to you.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #8788

Sharon Simms Moore is a scam artist and has been for years, this time though she made a mistake and will eventually be prosecuted, trust me on this one. She has lived rent free for a very long time at various locations. Time to pay the piper.

Sharon Simms Moore

Brooklyn, New York 2 comments
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Took our money, and only started the proceeding in court.She kept tellings us that the court took time to make a judgment.

She manipulated the situation with lies over lies and fabrications of ill family members. Her house has Abestos, her kids got sick, she had surgery, and now her uncle passed away.

This person lies and manipulates you into believing her poor poor twist of faith so that she can sucker you into believing her.

I just found out she never followed through the court system and there is nothing I can do.She took our money and now does not answer calls or emails.

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I was also side swiped by Sharon Moore.She took my money and never did anything to earn it.

I got the same excuses. My kids are sick, I had to move out of my house because of anapestic and all other excuses.

I was out $1700 and had no recourse.She changed her number and now I can't find her.


You can find Sharon at the address below

Support Claim Services

Attn. Sharon Moore

National Director of Sales & Marketing/Legal Compliance

125 Baylis Road, Suite 290

Melville, NY 11747

Telephone: 631-454-9800; 877-880-5550


MRO Manager: Kendra Revis

Sharon Simms Moore - Sharon Simms - Moore

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She knows how to play the legal system, after all she is a paralegal. She rented a house in Dix Hills and hasn't paid rent since December. She is able to manipulate the courts in Huntington to her favor by either not showing up or fabricating lies. She's good, very good. Beware - DO NOT RENT TO HER!!!

She owes over $20,000 to her current renter and more money continues to acrue. She called the Town of Huntington in to find more fines, so she could use it in court.

She also bounced checks, which I believe is a problem for paralegals...

DO NOT RENT TO HER - you will be very sorry!

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Can you provide more info? A woman going by this name wants to rent my parents' condo.

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